Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Around The Blogosphere 28 November 07

Blog of the Day: World United Bloggers (more below)

Ambiome offers Barcelone en photos, part I

Benji Lovitt reports on the opening of Hooters in Israel - along with photographs.

Montego Bay Day By Day continues her Wordless Wednesday series by posting a photo of a colourful chattel house in Negril.

Ypulse: MySpace saga (remember the teen who fell for the 20-year-old Palestinian awhile back? They broke up....on "Dr. Phil."... MySpace copies Facebook's newsfeed (and plays with the idea of managing identities, i.e. work identity vs. personal identity. Oh and the Move On anti-Facebook Beacon group now has about 27K members)!

Ameer has left a new comment on my post " All Your News Are Belong To Us":
Hi Dave,
Just to let you know that World United Bloggers (WUB) now has no popup ads or any other inline ads. I would appreciate if you could be kind enough to remove that warning in this post. Thank you for linking back to us and for the appreciations.

Vice Chief for Technical Support
World United Bloggers
Child of the Revolution blogs about Cuba's ranking on the United Nations' 2007-2008 Human Development Index.

Eduardo Machado, one of the editors of PEbodycount [pt], received a Investigative Journalism award for his diary ‘Colombia Plan: A Manual Against violence', the first acaount in the country of the very successful experiment in combating violence in Bogota. His piece was published in a Brazilian broadsheet.

The Hong Kong government recently introduced a new regulation which requires animal breeders to have proper license. Some breeders protested that animal should have reproduction right and the license is against such right. Cheung yun-ling argued at that the regulation is targeting at human who has already intervened into animal's natural life and the license is a way to prevent animal abuse [zh].

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