Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Blog Stunting, Japanese Style

Time off from blogging or is a bit of 'stunting' going on here?

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Chinatsu Wakatsuki started out as a typical bikini model and later became a TV talk show personality... Gravure idol, talento and blog queen Wakatsuki Chinatsu (若槻千夏) announced this week that she would be taking time off from blogging. Wakatsuki's official blog, “Maaboudoufu wa Nomimono Desu(マーボー豆腐は飲み物です) [ja], made famous in part for her tendency to write about celebrity figures and her own love life [ja], has attracted more hits than any other on the popular Ameba hosting service. The blog hit a record [ja] earlier this year when it drew more than 7500 comments [ja] in a single day.

The final post at her blog today attracted thousands of comments (over 4500 at last count) from fans offering their support. In the post itself, she writes:


My head is all mixed up, and I can't seem to write right now, so please allow me to take a short break from blogging.


To the people who were looking forward [to the next blog entry], and also to those who were not, I'm sorry.


Please give me time. Within seconds of that entry being posted, fans reacted: the comments poured in! Hundreds Thousands of them!

Robert Sanzalone
writes on BlogNation:
Now DON’T confuse this with a Paris Hilton or other bad-girl story. Remember, in Japan it’s REALLY BAD for someone to fake sickness to their employer then go on a cool vacation and brag about it on their blog. Oooooh. That’s baaaaad! Well, maybe not for the rest of the world, but in Japan this type of online entertainment is just too exciting. MUST log in tomorrow to see what kind of craziness she’ll do next.

This adventurous odyssey continued for the past year and even peaked in May with one blog entry gathering over 7,500 comments… IN ONE DAY. Strange? Not really. This week she simply announced she wanted to take a bit of a break from blogging and asked her fans for their understanding and patience. No nervous breakdown. No shaving her head bald. Just a quiet note saying she wants to take it easy for a bit and will decide at some point if and when she will continue blogging. Already over 4,500 comments have flooded the post with readers asking her if she was alright and yes, they would sit and wait for as long as it takes until she came back. Now don’t you wish YOUR BLOG readers did the same?

Would you like to know MORE about Japanese bloggers? CLICK HERE!

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Robert Sanzalone, Social Media Samurai said...

Thanks for the link Dave. Yes, this IS an interesting and fun story. Looking forward to what she'll do next.

Cool post on the other bloggers as well. Have you now on my blogroll.

blognation Japan

Dave Lucas said...

Thanks, I will return the favour when I edit my blogroll this weekend!

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