Friday, November 30, 2007

Have You Heard (NY CIty Radio Edition)

While walking thru life I've heard it said "It's not how many times you fall down. It's how many times you get up again that count." The turnaround time for re-acceptance into media graces was rather short for the fallen Don Imus. For years the man who was the butt of a plethora of Howard Stern jokes built a following, and whether or not that following can still pass muster will play out over New York city airwaves in the weeks and months to come. To be fair, I admit I never was an Imus fan and his disappearance from radio had no meaning to me. Frankly, I'm surprised at that rather short bit of turnaround time. Is this an indicator of things to come? Is our "I want it now" society applying the theory of must-have immediacy to the time it takes to forgive?

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Things have changed. The I-Man is back! Curtis Sliwa and Ron Kuby long ago said their goodbyes: Brian Maloney blogged about it w/video back on October 15. Bloggeth Brian:
Regardless of their imperfections, Curtis & Kuby are being replaced by inferior programming in the form of an aging Don Imus, who before being fired earlier this year had struggled to generate ratings for many years.

Even if he somehow delivers numbers this time, which seems less likely than ever, it's doubtful that skittish advertisers will return to his program...The oddest irony is this: as once-stodgy WOR works to bring in a younger, more advertiser- friendly audience, WABC is moving in the opposite direction, striving to be the new voice of New York's nursing homes and senior centers.
Curtis and Kuby went out with their highest Arbitron rating ever - No. 5 among all morning shows.

Reports suggest Curtis is looking to make some noise in electoral politics after being silenced on the airwaves.

Imus will be on a 21-second delay according to the New York Observer and many of his “enablers” will be back, says Alter Net.

Imus' show is being simulcast on a TV network reaching rural and agricultural regions of the nation, RFD TV, which hopes Imus will raise the network’s profile nationwide. (The New York Times). Imus may be back, but the Greaseman can't overcome his fall from grace after a racial remark he made eight years ago, says the Washington Post.

Sportscaster Warner Wolf is moving from WABC to all-sports ESPN affiliate WEPN 1050, according to the New York Daily News.

Imus’ first advertiser is a New Jersey medical center, reports Ad Week.

Here in the Capital Region, we've finished off a week having actual LOCALLY ORIGINATED talk radio in the afternoon for the first time in may years. I think it's great to have TWO local hosts on: if you don't like Host A Topic A, just slide the dial over to Host B Topic B. Sometimes I listen to national host Sean Hannity (and I still will) but it's really great essential to have a choice.

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  2. Well, today was the last day of the WABC morning show as we know it. I have been listening to Curtis & Kuby for the last six years, and for the last 3 years the addition of Warner Wolf. My mornings will just not be the same again. This is the only time in my life where I listened to one talk show to the point of feeling like I knew them. Ron Kuby they ousted about a month ago, and continued with Jeffery Lichtman in his place. They talked about politics and the news and the whole group worked so well together that they were a lot of fun to listen to. Babbita Harianni (not sure of spelling) covered the NJ news and being a NJ resident, it was really nice to have her point of view. They will surely be missed.
    As of Monday, they are being replaced by Imus. I have never liked Imus even before he insulted the Rutgers Girls Basketball team. But that is just the icing on the cake. Does anyone else think he mumbles? I swear that some of the times I have seen him on TV he does not have his teeth in. I for one will not be listening.

  3. Barbara Walters Nabs Don Imus for "Most Fascinating"

    Ten most fascinating people of the year? Ok, I suppose you could argue that Don Imus has to be one of them considering what took place last April AND considering his comeback this Monday. 0_41_imus_don.jpg
    In any event, Barbara Walters just announced that he'll officially join the list for next Thursday's big show (“Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2007,” 10:02-11:00 pm.) And no - he's not the most fascinating, per Babs. That selection is usually kept under wraps until after the last commercial break.

    Babs calls this his "first" interview since his April firing from the Fan, though there are no details about exactly what will come out of this encounter; it'll air three days after his WABC debut, so one assumes he'll talk about his co-host, assuming their is one as many now believe, and about his other efforts to broaden - so to speak - his horizons about race matters in this country.


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