Sunday, October 18, 2009

3rd Sweat Lodge Death

Photograph of the latest sweat lodge casualty... The deaths are being investigated as homicides and James Arthur Ray, the self-help guru that led the retreat is in the crosshairs

Lizabeth Neuman, 49, of Prior Lake, Minnesota became the third victim to die in James Arthur Ray's mismanaged Sedona, AZ sweat lodge tragedy. Lawmen are treating the deaths as homicides, but no charges have been filed...yet. Neuman was among more than 50 people crowded inside the sweat lodge run by "The Secret" master self-help guru James Arthur Ray. An emergency call two hours after they entered the lodge reported two people not breathing. There's scuttlebutt that someone had tossed jimsenweed on the hot rocks inside the sweat lodge to give participants "visions."

This doesn't look to well for our guru! Nobody loves ya when you're down and out! There seems to be a rush to jump on Ray while he's down...this event could end up crushing the "New Age" movement's head... In googling around I found several blogs kept by self-proclaimed witches and warlocks, who regard Ray as a Saint.

Twenty-one sweat-lodgers were hospitalized with illnesses ranging from dehydration to kidney failure. The two initial deaths::: Kirby Brown, 38, and James Shore, 40, DOA at a hospital. Autopsy results on Brown and Shore are pending. More than 100 people attended the funeral for Brown on Saturday at Holy Name of Jesus Church in Otisville, New York, according to The Times Herald-Record newspaper. The avid hiker and surfer who had a passion for art was also remembered as a spiritual seeker. Services for Shore were held late Saturday afternoon at the Hubbard Lodge in Milwaukee.

According to Ray's website, Ms. Neuman was the leader of the guru's Minneapolis-area "Journey Expansion Team." The teams, developed by Ray's friends and followers, meet to exchange ideas on Ray's principles, the website said. The next Minneapolis-area meeting is scheduled for October 23rd.

Ray had rented the Angel Valley Retreat Centre for his five-day "Spiritual Warrior" event that culminated in the sweat lodge ceremony. Participants paid between $9,000 and S10,000 (USD) to attend the retreat near Sedona, a resort town due north of Phoenix that draws many in the New Age spiritual movement.

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imelda said...

this is horrible dave.i was entertained by this post and at the same stricken with fear.

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