Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Birthday 2 Me

The wisest owl hears all before he flies...

I'm spending the 29th in "analog" mode...

The ancient Mayans believed that the date of a person's birth was the day he or she "stepped into the River of Time" which defined who he/she was and defined his/her relationship with the Universe. If you're into biorhythms, look back on the charts to your own day one. We all start out the same, but take different life-paths. Throughout our days we come to many forks in the road and the direction we take, right or wrong, is of our own choosing.

There are many pathways and doorways that appear and open and close and disappear throughout our lifetimes. It's fun to try and imagine (and we've all done this) what would have happened if on Day X I had done Z instead of Y. The farther back in time the event is the more complex and expanding the possibilities become. The entire course of history could have been changed by one act.

What would the USA be like today had JFK served out his presidency instead of dying in Dallas? Or more recently, had Annie Le lived, might she have found the cure for Cancer? Next question: just for a moment let's say the answer to that was "yes." But she died before she could find the cure. Does that mean the cure will be lost? For how long? Will someone else find it in the same year she would have? In the next five? Ten? Maybe not at all?

If you take this line of reasoning and follow it through, you will discover that almost every event is part of a chain and usually a trigger for other events that follow along the time-line. The number of possible alterations to that timeline if B happend instead of C is incalculable.

By the way, those Mayans were obsessed with time (or so it seems) and devised various ways to map it in calendars far more precise than even th eone we are using now. The way they looked at and understood time is so different from how we perceive and mark time that there is no possible way we can experience ist meaning and passage the way the Mayans did.

Have you ever looked back and thought of all the years you "wasted." WASTED is a bad word - you didn't "waste" any time - I'm sure you dreamed dreams and had relationships and learned things and thought thoughts and created a few things and caused a few commotions here and there along that pathway of "waste."

Although today each of us is the sum total of all the time that we've already served, there is still "time ahead" for change and growth. DON'T ever feel sorry for yourself. Your life is not over until your heart has beat its last pulse.
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2 comments: said...

Happy Birthday, Dave!

& Many more blissful trajectories


Eyyy dear Dave,

happy Brithday!!!!
Wishing you the best :)

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