Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hey! Look who's guest-blogging on!

Politics and popular thinking appear to be taking a few funny turns. The line that seperated Republicans and Democrats has blurred, along with the subset definitions of Conservatives, Liberals and Independents. The group of clear Conservatives, once a tight-knit unit, has broken off into satellites: talk-show host Rush Limbaugh and blogger Michelle Malkin don't seem to have as much in common as they once did. Certainly San Francisco-based author and radio personality Michael Savage has left the accepted structure entirely.

Political cartoonists have likewise ventured off into uncharted territory of thought: Tom Tomorrow's "This Modern World" recently visited "The Actual Obama" vs. "The Idea of Obama" while Jen Sorensen's "Slowpoke" explored the possibility of iPhones becoming self-aware, deciding humans must die: "In 2025, still at war with the phones, the few remaining humans send one of their own (Obama) back in time to thwart the devices plot." In the strip's concluding panel, a team of Norwegians is sent back to award the Nobel Prize. Both comics appear in this week's Metroland.

Today, quite unexpectedly (or not?), NY-23 conservative congressional candidate Doug Hoffman guest blogs on Michelle Malkin. Mrs. M is a powerful blogger (and author) and I just wonder if the Conservative movement will eventually break away from the GOP and form an actual major political party of its own (not the "conservative line" we know today: something bigger). Any good political party worth its salt contains "warring factions." I can see Mrs. M on one side and Rush on the other. What do YOU think?
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