Monday, November 22, 2010

Around the Mugglesphere 22 Nov 2010

How many of you saw the Harry Potter picture over the weekend? This mudblood did, at Colonie Center (amazing new theatre) in DIGITAL! The best movie experience I've had in years, since seeing an imax movie around 2005. Check out this: Half a Harry Potter Movie Takes Almost the Whole Box Office from NYmag!

So while Harry may be good for the "entertainment economy" and movies offer us an avenue of escape, Al-Qaeda is alos going for the pursestrings, promising the U.S. Death By A 'Thousand Cuts' - Terror Group Boasts That Printer Bomb Cost Only $4200, Meant To Bleed U.S. Economy.

The next-to-last Potter installment was a grown-up and real-worldly HP & Co. that actually was quite scarey, in fact, more scarey than the earlier counterparts (of which we went back and watched two DVDs on Sunday). SciFITV says "The Potter film does not stand by itself. You'll need to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (at least) to have an idea of what's going on, and you'll need to see Deathly Hallows Part 2 for a satisfying conclusion. If you do, we're pretty sure you'll get one."[...]

All in the family ::: you never know WHO you can or cannot TRUST!

The Muggles' world is not all bad ::: here are some pretty pictures!

Never say never! SMALL can be big!

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Berta Claire said...

I'm going to watch it soon, looking forward to it. So sad the end is near, but I guess it's impossible to go on much further as the actors grow up. I get so 'lost' in the movies though.
glad to know it's one to be excited about.

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