Monday, November 22, 2010

Become INVISIBLE on twitter!

Secretly follow people on twitter, without them knowing! HOW? Here are two ways! You'll be cloaked like a Klingon starship in no time!

Are you depressed because people whose tweets you've tried to follow have banned or blocked you?

#1 - Unless the individual you want to keep tabs on has locked or protected his or her account, simply access them via twitter in your web browser! You don't have to worry about them knocking you off or blocking you! And they'll never know! Best part is, you have a direct, un-interrupted pipeline to their tweets! They cannot stop you unless they secure their twitter, which would likely result in them losing most of the following they've struggled so hard to build!

#2 - Go to the page of the person you want to stealthily follow, and you'll see the RSS feed symbol underneath those that they are following (firefox users simply click the blue RSS symbol in the nav bar). Just on that and you'll add their updates to your reader, just like any other blog's posts! Works in Google reader too!

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Tomas said...

Thanks for the sharing. You post was worthy pondering deeper. The invisibility grants security, yet such comfort questions the meaning of the twittering. So your post urged me to choose- to answer what for Art by Tomas run on a web.

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