Friday, October 28, 2011

Fly Blog, Fly!

THE BLOGGING TIMES THEY-ARE-A CHANGIN' ::: Forget about ProBlogger's book. Forget about those little networks like the now-defunct "cmfads" and "MyBlogLog." (More about networking below) Forget about the nearly abandoned practice of trackbacking.

The rules of blogging, of creating an maintaining a successful blog, are being re-written as you read this!

THE SOCIAL MEDIA TRAP ::: Don't fall for it! It's OK to promote your blog via Facebook or Twitter etc., but don't come to rely on social networking or microblogging to support your blogging efforts! And if you do engage in a little facebooking or tweeting---

DON'T BEG FOR RE-TWEETS! This ridiculous practice was begun by those know-it-all "Blogging Gurus" hell-bent on turning blogging into some sort of self-serving popularity contest that will help them sell their $27 and $17PDF "e-Books". [more]
THE GOOGLE TRAP PageRank lust has been the downfall of many a blog and many a blogger! Bloggers are buzzing, saying things about mass traffic declines like "Help me I've fallen and I can't get up!" This article has links to important information about the big search engine that every blogger should read and understand! Here's a suggestion I ran across on the web, shortly after seeing an article about Google AdSense linking through YouTube: "You cannot be farther from the truth about YouTube. I am experiencing first-hand that it is an untapped source of traffic that everybody should get into. YouTube is now my No. 1 source of referral traffic since I started making videos. I really wish I had started earlier."

Explore the alternatives!Clicky Web Analytics
See Also ::: Were You Attacked by “The Google Panda?”

BE VIGILANT ON SOCIAL MEDIA - Police your yourself and your online presence! Google yourself frequently - set your name and your blog's name(s) up as "Google Alerts" - Don't let THIS happen to you!

WHAT ABOUT 'KLOUT' and SOCIAL SPARK? ::: Much the same way I signed on to twitter, facebook and myspace long long before ever actively using/participating, I'm "in" Klout and Social Spark.

For most netizens, Klout has no Clout whatsoever! Katran commented on USAtoday "Klout is one of the most irrelevant parts of the social media game. It's a savvy business getting people to sign up for it, sure, so that they can flash their "Klout Score" the way people used to decorate their webapges with web ring memberships, stat counters or pagerank. (Remember "this site was voted best 5% of the web" badges?)

However, it's just yet another excuse to capture incomplete data on you. What matters is your CONVERSIONS. How many people reach your site/blog/Twitterchannel, etc, and how many of them engage with your material in the way oyu hope for (buy, click, respond, etc)? Klout can't measure that.

Enjoy racking up Klout scores, people. I'm sure it'll be just as helpful to your business plan as # of MySpace followers, Facebook fans and all those other artificial web endeavors taking advantage of people's obsession with games and keeping score."[+link: source]

What About BLOG COMMUNITIES? - All of the relevant "blogger communities" are either gone (MyBlogLog was my fave) or turned into shells of their former selves - SAVE FOR ONE - BlogEngage is active and ready to welcome YOU and your blog(s)! I've often confessed that I don't utilize the service as much as I should - it's honestly a matter of time - at this point of my life I have many commitments and responsibilities that go before blogging - but for those of you who are either blogging addicts or trying to spotlight your "internet personality" or get better known or earn extra money via blogging, you really can't ask for a better service than BlogEngage!

MORE GOOGLE FUN! Here's a recent "Ask Me Anything" on Reddit with someone who says they were a Google Streetview driver.

BE TRUE TO YOUR BLOG! Don't let anyone or anything discourage your blogging efforts! How does an 'activist' blogger know when (s)he's doing a good job? When people try to stop her or intimidate her. Blogicito — spanglish for 'little blog'- is written by La Gringa, who describes herself as "...a US expatriate who has been living here in La Ceiba, Honduras, with my Catracho husband since 2001 and blogging about Honduras and my expatriate life since 2006."

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Interesting post............

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Enfin ! Ceci est aussi un de mes sujets dans de récentes Revues. Merci !

Dave Lucas said...

@Olivier Sc ::::: Je vais la lire! Votre commentaire est apprécié!

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