Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Breaths of Dream Air ~ An original poem by Dave Lucas

I was out walking in the early evening
When a tree appeared in the distance
Before the sky orange crimson aflair

Three young dragons in the branches
I thought of all the times we dreamed
Through the years all of our time

Mystical moments of magical desire
Never to be tasted on earth
Not even after in dust we lie

I savor the memory of precious anticipations
in which we really did fly

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Alv0808 said...

Love the poem..

DIONYS said...

Nice artwork! Is that a painting or a photograph?

Dave Lucas said...

@Alv0808 - thank-you!

@DIONYS - it is a photograph that I painted over - so you are indeed a keen observer!

Nicki said...

Lღ√Ƹ ♥ this! You are so amazing!

Krissie said...

Beautiful work! I printed and laminated it!

The Twitterer said...

I love your poetry!

Anonymous said...

a masterpiece! bravo dave!

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