Thursday, November 17, 2011

How To Monetize Your Blog

Monetize. Yes - or - No?

THIS BLOGGER made almost $2000 last month! THIS BLOGGER made MORE!

MONETIZE your blog!

There's a lot that's been written about monetizing blogs - I continually warn people against supporting the self-proclaimed "Blogging Gurus" - I understand some bloggers enjoy making money online and telling the whole wide world about it, via publishing articles detailing their blog earnings, etc. {eXample]

Not that there's anything at all wrong with that!

Different approaches ::: I found it interesting to compare/contrast the abovementioned blogs against Justin's blog. Check them out, compare, and draw your own conclusions.

Do YOU have a link for a blog that posts monthly income reports? If so, please leave it in my comments section! THANK-YOU!

Have a look at some of my stats!

Remember: it's not unusual to find a PR2 blogger making more than $900 a month while a PR4 Blogger may be making around $25. There are so many different factors that come into play!

Bookmark this post and study the links I have provided to those money-making blogs - visit them often - try to figure out why they are doing so well! Remember, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!"

Below have a look at my sitemeter stats (figures received on November 2, 2011):::

Be advised that there are DANGERS!

The following is an excerpt from a Famous Bloggers article by Andy Williams:

"In his excellent article entitled “Google Kicked Me So Hard I Cried A Little Bit“, Dave B. Ledoux graphically describes what it was like to wake up one morning only to find that he’d wasted three years of his life. Virtually overnight, Google had kicked out 570 of his sites, and took with them, a substantial part of his income."

Don't put all your blogging eggs in one basket! Diversify!

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Wow this is a really nice post about monetizing. But in reality it is actually easier said than done!

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